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About Fungi Monkey

Fungi monkey is a platform for the exploration of culture and society through the work of Johnny Vedmore and his friends and colleagues. Johnny vedmore is an investigative journalist for and He investigates some of the most wealthy and powerful people, mapping out their hidden histories and secretive connections. 

Fungi Monkey will be fundamentally a media platform for podcasts, video, audio and other media. if you would like to read johnny's writing then you can find it at the aforementioned sites. here, on fungi monkey, we're going to have an audible conversation about the direction of out society under its current paradigm and, instead of talking to the same talking heads, we will be speaking to people off the radar and experiencing the situations from different perspective.

This is a project that you can be involved in too. We need to break through the ideological divides and have very basic conversations between the ruled, before we can effectively tackle the ruling class together. If you have any media skills and you want to get involved then contact Johnny at (until Google deplatform him). 

If you want to support the work then you can help fund johnnys work here:

Or alternatively you can help support Fungi Monkey by purchasing an NFT from the Fungi Monkey Shop. This is a new way to help raise revenue for vital work. Support our efforts,we will work hard for the truth

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