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Andrew Rambaut: The Last King of Wellcome

I had originally started out by building a picture of who these people were by looking at their families, schooling, career history, affiliations, and associations, to try and see any potential pattern which could help build a basic profile of these top table appointees. It cannot be understated, the individuals explored thus far in this article took up key roles and their task would have been viewed as an incredibly sensitive one for those who have been driving the Covid agenda. If we are to unravel the larger control network, we must build a profile of the people involved as doing so is vital in aiding our recognition of other players. In this case, that necessary profile was very easy to form thanks to the publication of the Proximal Origins of SARS-CoV-2 paper.


There are some other interesting scientists who were involved in the creation of the SARS-CoV-2 origin paper, the first being a man that fits the profile for one of the special 35 graduates who receive almost all of their career-long funding from the Wellcome Trust initiative that has been managed by Holmes since 1994.


Andrew Rambaut is a British evolutionary biologist who, as of 2020, held the position of Professor of Molecular Evolution at the University of Edinburgh. If you were to look at the official Wikipedia entry for Mr. Rambaut, you'd notice that there is, as of writing this, no mention of his participation in the SARS-CoV-2 paper. However, if you were to search his Wiki page’s history, you'd discover that all mentions of his part in the origin paper have been removed, by a computer with the IP address, which is also coincidentally based in Edinburgh. The aforementioned IP addresses edits have also included changes on the SARS-Cov-2 wiki entry, suggesting that these actors are still successfully altering the public information. Andrew Rambaut is a relatively young man, he has his entire career ahead of him, so why would he agree to be involved in such a nefarious scheme which was bound to be uncovered in the end?


One obvious reason why Andrew Rambaut would be chosen by Farrar is because it was very much in Professor Rambaut's financial interest to do so. The reason why Jeremy Farrar and his Wellcome friends are so important to the Establishment cannot be understated, Farrar and the “philanthropic” Wellcome Trust funds a large amount of expensive research, including projects led by Andrew Rambaut. Only two years prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, in January 2018, Farrar's Wellcome Trust had been funding Professor Andrew Rambaut's research. In fact almost all of Andrew Rambaut's research has funding links to the Wellcome Trust.


Since taking part in the fake Covid origins paper, Rambaut has taken centre stage at some Wellcome Trust events. Between 13 and 15 September 2021, Professor Andrew Rambaut was a guest speaker for the Wellcome Trust's “Wellcome Connecting Science Conference on Virus Genomics and Evolution.” The Wellcome Trust's Sanger Institute had also published a case study authored by Andrew Rambaut in 2017, as well as other past collaborations published while Farrar has been leading the Wellcome Trust.

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