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Beth Shapiro & the other wellcome-linked actors

In forming a profile to aid in the hunt for potential matches for others who have significant links to those profiled in this article so far, it becomes clear that many who are a match are some of the movers and shakers behind the Covid-19 agenda. Let's look at a handful of the individuals who are tied in multiple ways to our band of scientific totalitarian elites.


  • Devi Sridhar is described as an American public health researcher and is based at the University of Edinburgh along with Andrew Rambaut. She fits the profile in many different ways. Devi was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford completing her MPhil in medical anthropology in 2005, followed by a DPhil in anthropology in 2006. She's also part of the UK's Scientific Advisory Group (SAGE) and has previously worked with the Harvard Global Health Institute and London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine to assess international responses to the 2014 Ebola outbreak. Sridhar also compiled the first Wellcome Trust open research collection on the topic of global public health.


    During Covid-19, Sridhar was added to the Scottish Government's "time limited expert group," set up on 25 March 2020, to “help develop and improve its plan for handling the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland.” Sridhar also co-authored an open letter in The Lancet on 15 October 2020, which has been referred to as the John Snow Memorandum. The letter, calls for science-based public health policy and rejects "naturally acquired herd immunity" as a dangerous fallacy. The letter received 2000 signatures from the science and healthcare community within 24 hours and appears to revise everything we know about naturally acquired herd immunity. Sridhar also worked with Chelsea Clinton and used “principal agent theory to study the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the GAVI Alliance”.


  • Beth Shapiro is described as an American evolutionary molecular biologist and is possibly one of the biggest female names in science today. She is a Rhodes Scholar and completed her DPhil at Oxford. She is also a McArthur Fellow (known as the “Genius Grant”) and is also a Wellcome Trust Research Fellow. She has the prestigious title of being Director of the Henry Wellcome Biomolecules Centre. Beth Shapiro's most recent book, Life As We Made It - attempts to assuage public fear surrounding risky advances in biotechnology. The website Reaction.Life stated in their review of the book:


    “This book brings readers up to date, assessing the impact on research of the Covid-19 event and the appetite for adopting riskier technologies more quickly.”


  • Pardis Sabeti worked on Ebola which links her to Farrar, Holmes, Rambaut, and Sridhar. During the Ebola outbreak, she and her team helped sequence the virus behind Ebola using data from infected patients. She is described as an Iranian-American computational biologist, medical geneticist and evolutionary geneticist. She was a Rhodes Scholar and has previously studied at both Harvard and Oxford. She has in the past had funding from the Wellcome Trust, is an expert on genomic sequencing and has links to Elon Musk and Eric Lander.


    Sabeti, as previously mentioned, was also Kristian G Andersen's post doctoral advisor at the Harvard-linked Broad Institute. During Covid-19, Sabeti has been creating digital tech surveillance with the Broad Institutes MIT research team, through the engineering of a symptom-tracking app called Scout. When referring to the data collection aspect of the digital tool Sabeti stated, “It’s definitely the kind of analytics that people talk about having but nobody actually has access to in this way.” In the past, Sabeti has also written papers with Proximal Origin paper creators Robert Garry and her apprentice Kristian G Andersen.


This small sample group of actors are all involved in some way with the global corona-virus pandemic response and the future plans and preparation's for such events. They fit the profile of the kind of graduates who were groomed with long term financial and career incentives by Edward Holmes and his colleagues and they also have various links with the Wellcome Five.

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