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Brian Spratt – Roy Anderson’s Right Hand

During my initial preparation for this article, it became clear to me that before writing this piece, I would first need to investigate the previous 100 years of state sanctioned crimes committed by the UK Ministry of Defence's chemical and biological research projects at Porton Down. Porton Down, the British centre for virus gain-of-function research and the scene of mass illegal human experimentation over the last century, has also had a relatively recent need to cover up their historic crimes. When looking at those obvious cover ups, we can see many similarities which should give us cause for concern. In the late 1990s, for instance, an independent safety review was called to investigate the illegal secret mass human experimentation they had conducted on the British public, after it was revealed that Porton Down scientists had been performing germ warfare experiments with live bacteria on the British population for decades. The person put in charge of this review was Professor Brian Spratt. Spratt, when questioned over his ability to give an impartial review, told the BBC Spotlight programme in 1998:


“I'm an independent microbiologist, I have no links to the Ministry of Defence, I wasn't chosen by the Ministry of Defence, so my independence is assured.”


Yet, within a decade of the independent safety review, Professor Brian Spratt was facing questions about his findings. In 2004, Professor Brian Spratt was asked about his MoD commissioned report entitled: “Independent Review of the Possible Health Hazards of the Large-Scale Release of Bacteria During the Dorset Defence Trials.” It had been discovered that the Ministry of Defence had not submitted details of 24 other germ warfare tests to Professor Spratt for the MoD commissioned review. Spratt would claim that he had not received all the information, but he would happily look at it if it was provided. Of course, by that time, it was too late to be included as evidence in the review. The House of Lords would present a clear rundown of Spratt's “findings” from his original report in a debate titled: Spratt Report: South Coast Biological Defence Trials, with the debate taking place on 9 February 1999. Lord Gilbert would announce:


“Professor Brian Spratt has now completed his review of the microbiological defence trials conducted along the south coast in the 1960s and 1970s. The MOD welcomes his main findings:


  • That the trials would have caused no harm to the vast majority of people.

  • That, although there may have been an unquantifiable risk of infection in a small number of people who had a serious underlying disease, such as cystic fibrosis, any such infections would have been infections of the chest or blood and would have occurred within days of release of the bacteria.

  • That it is extremely unlikely that there is any link between the bacteria released in the trials and health problems reported by people who have suffered chronic ill health, miscarriages, or who have had children with disabilities.”


The evidence that wasn't handed over by the MoD for this review, was completely damning and revealed the damage that had been caused by their E.coli experiments as well as their spraying of Britain with a known chemical carcinogen. To quote from my previous article entitled, “Porton Down’s Ideological Cloud: The Toxic Secret Experiments on Millions of British People:”


“Porton Down were supposedly testing out how vulnerable Britain actually was to a germ warfare attack, by attacking its own population. Zinc Cadmium Sulfide was known to be highly toxic with the Cadmium causing birth defects which have been well-noted in laboratory experiments on rats, as well as being heavily carcinogenic. In August 1959, a Royal Air Force aircraft flew above the North Sea before changing course to fly along the English Channel spraying the compound as it flew. The MoD were, what many refer to today as, “chemtrailingthe south coast of England. The records of readings taken during the experiments show that the majority of the chemicals released were taken by the wind in a north-easterly direction, but when the plane reached the end of its flight path the remaining chemicals were dumped out in concentrations 1000 times greater than anywhere else in the country.


The people of Dorchester and the nearby town of East Lulworth had been dusted with what can only be described as death particles from above. These coastal Dorset tourist hot spots would have been full with many visitors during the peak of summer, but it's studying the obvious consequences of the Porton Down and MoD human experimentation had on the residents of East Lulworth which could break even the hardest heart. Although the folks at Porton Down won’t take a proper look at the evidence, the residents of East Lulworth have suffered from miscarriages, birth defects, as well as all manner of other health issues affecting them and their children, with at least 21 families affected.”


Even though Spratt had no obvious and clear links to the MoD at the time he conducted his review, he was funded by the Wellcome Trust during that period and throughout his entire career. It is worth noting that the former Wellcome Trust director, Roy Anderson, a close colleague and friend of Spratt’s, would eventually take up formal work with the MoD.


Spratt’s heading of this MoD review would not be his only Establishment task. On 12 January 2001, it was announced that Professor Spratt, who was at that time based in the Wellcome Trust Centre for the Epidemiology of Infectious Disease at the University of Oxford, would become the chair of the Royal Society's working group on depleted uranium.


In the early 90s, the UK Ministry of Defence needed to rebrand its Porton Down facilities along with its wider biological and chemical weapons research programmes due to the fact that Porton Down was facing public pressure like they had never experienced before. This owed to four key historic crimes that came to light around this period. First was the decades of spraying the aforementioned cancerous compound, Zinc Cadmium Sulfide, from military aircraft, cars, ships and trains on an unwitting British public. Second was the spraying of E.coli germs from boats in the south west of England and further complaints of birth defects, miscarriages and other health issues resulting from these experiments. Third was their experimentation on humans with nerve gas, which eventually led to the inquiry which exposed their actions publicly. Fourth was the Anthrax Island debacle which became a PR disaster for the organisation. The Ministry of Defence needed a few good men who they could rely on to help control these and other such cover-ups in the future.


Although Brian Spratt has not yet been directly involved in the Covid-19 response publicly, his previous history suggests he could potentially be rolled out in the event of the official inquest's and/or inquiries. Professor Spratt appears to fit a profile similar to two other of Roy Anderson's apprentices, Jeremy Farrar and Edward C. Holmes, who are discussed in detail later on in this investigation. Spratt was almost entirely Wellcome Trust Funded, connected to both Oxford and Imperial College, and he had been put in charge of extremely sensitive Establishment projects – in his case, official cover-ups.


In investigating Prof. Sir Brian Spratt more thoroughly, I found his many connections with Roy Anderson, the man who had also been the mentor of Farrar and Holmes, the man connected with almost every single group active in the global Covid totalitarian control structure currently dictating policy worldwide. Roy Anderson was governor and director of the Wellcome Trust during the era Spratt, Farrar and Holmes were all brought into the fold.

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