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The Proximal Origin of Jeremy Farrar

Jeremy Farrar is one of the most important members of the Wellcome Trust's Covid cartel and was the initial reason I began investigating the Wellcome Trust. He has been vital in the planning, preparation and in the rolling out of almost every part of the Covid-19 response in the UK and US, and there may be no other human on Earth who has been so powerful during this crisis and in turn is so culpable for the disaster which has unfolded whilst he was at the helm. Because of his extremely significant and all-powerful roll in the Covid-19 agenda, I decided to go back further into the history of Jeremy Farrar than any other of the Wellcome Five.


Eric Mitchell Farrar was born on 24 August 1917 and by the time World War II had begun, he was 22 and at a prime age for conscription. In 1940, Eric would join the Duke of Wellington's West Riding Company, a unit named after its Yorkshire heartland, as a corporal. It wouldn't be long before Corporal Eric Farrar was reported as officially missing, last being seen outside Dunkirk on 11 June 1940. On Friday 21 August the same year, it was reported in the Bradford Observer, in an article entitled, Prisoners of War: Halifax and Huddersfield Man, stating that “Corporal Eric M. Farrar, medical orderly, Duke of Wellington's Regiment, Victoria Road, Lockwood, Huddersfield is also reported to be a prisoner of war in Germany.”


It would later be confirmed that Eric Farrar was being held at Stalag 383, Hohen Fels, in Bavaria Germany, and later moved to Stalag IX-C near Leipzig. On 29 March 1945, the camp where Eric was imprisoned was evacuated and the prisoners of war were forced to march towards allied lines. The Germans would use those prisoners in an attempt to slow the advancing Americans, with some of the prisoners being forced to march for four weeks before they were finally freed by US forces. Eric would be debriefed and declared no longer a POW on 31 May 1945 and on 11 October 1945 his distinguished service would be acknowledged in the London Gazette. He would again be honoured in 1946 in the Long Service and Good Conduct Awards.


Jeremy's father and mother were an interesting pair. During World War II, Farrar's mother, Amy Annie Farrar (born Melton) was also working for the army, driving army officials from bases in places like Scotland to various locations in the UK. On returning to Britain, Eric would be driven from Scotland and onto the Ministry of Defence in London to pass on intelligence concerning the POW camp where he had been held. On this long journey, which would have taken the entire day to complete, Farrar's mother and father would meet for the first time and begin their own lifelong journey. They would marry soon after their first meeting, officially tying-the-knot at North Kesteven in the county of Amy's birth, Lincolnshire, in June 1946. Described by Jeremy Farrar as “itinerant in nature”, his parents would travel the globe while they built up their family, which would eventually extend to having six children. Eric Farrar hadn't had the opportunity to go to University during the war, but he would still become a teacher, working in the various countries where they were based. Jeremy was born in Singapore on 1 February 1961, while his father was teaching there, but Farrar would not grow up in Singapore, with the family moving to countries including New Zealand, Cyprus, Malaysia, Egypt, Yemen and Libya.


This wonderful tale of a post war jet-setting family is something I've seen over and over when researching people who worked in intelligence. Although there is a little evidence showing that Eric Farrar interacted with the MoD once, he did have a harsh military experience which would have proved his mental endurance and stamina to the officers he reported back to after the war. His locations where he settled are also suggestive of military placements, with Cyprus, Egypt and Libya being prime places during this era to place assets. However, although I don't have direct evidence that Eric Farrar continued to work for the British state in any capacity, I do have reasons to be suspicious. You see, however neat and tidy Eric Farrar's family history appears, there is one glaring fact that has led me to believe it's not as simple as it appears at first glance. If we are to believe what has been recorded, then Eric Farrar's mother and father were both 52 years old in 1917 when he was born. This is extremely unlikely and, even with all my experience in hunting the ancestors of the powerful players, I have been unable to confirm the answer to this riddle, but I do have a hunch.


Jeremy Farrar would be the sixth child of Eric and Amy Farrar, born in Singapore on 1 September 1961, where Amy was practising her art and Eric was employed as a teacher in a local school. Jeremy would live in Cyprus, Libya, and New Zealand before he would start his formal education in Britain, initially educated at Churcher's College which is described as an “independent, fee-charging day school for girls and boys”, and later he would study at University College London Medical School, where he would obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in immunology in 1983 and a Bachelor of Medicine degree in 1986. Official sources state that Farrar completed his Doctor of Philosophy degree at the University of Oxford in 1998 on myasthenia gravis, although Farrar has stated that he was finishing his first PhD from Oxford in 1994.


In a Tedmed presentation given 3 years before the current coronavirus crisis began, Farrar describes a very important moment in his life in which he places linguistic emphasis on it having occurred purely “by chance”. He states that in 1994 he had returned to Oxford University, where he was finishing his PhD, and that he was offered the opportunity to go live in Vietnam for a year, eventually staying for 18 years. He also claimed in a 2014 Financial Times article that his decision to move to Vietnam was due to his disdain for conference halls full of white men. In reality it is around this time that he was first recruited by the Wellcome Trust through an Oxford University initiative.


Farrar would be one of the many scientists to be offered continuous funding throughout their entire career via lucrative research grants supplied by the Wellcome Trust. Many scientists would be more than willing to work for such a generous institution which had seemingly unhooked themselves from the cut-throat world of the private pharmaceutical industry. Farrar would thrive in this culture of unlimited funding and he was able to do more research in a country with less regulations than the United Kingdom. From 1996 until 2013, Farrar is recorded as being Director of the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit in Ho Chi Minh City, Oxford University being partners to much of the Wellcome Trust's efforts to recruit the best and brightest during the mid 1990s onward.


By 2009, Farrar found himself conveniently placed to respond to an emerging epidemiological crisis of the H5N1 virus in Asia and helped develop its origin story. To quote from a previous Unlimited Hangout investigation on the Trust’s new “Wellcome Leap” venture:


“An article published by Rockefeller University Press’s Journal of Experimental Medicine in 2009 is dramatically titled, “Jeremy Farrar: When Disaster Strikes.” Farrar, when referring to the H5N1 origin story stated: “The WHO people—and this is not a criticism—decided it was unlikely that the child had SARS or avian influenza. They left, but Professor Hien stayed behind to talk with the child and her mum. The girl admitted that she had been quite sad in the previous days with the death of her pet duck. The girl and her brother had fought over burying the duck and, because of this argument, she had gone back, dug up the duck, and reburied it—probably so her brother wouldn’t know where it was buried. With that history, Professor Hien phoned me at home and said he was worried about the child. He took some swabs from the child’s nose and throat and brought them back to the hospital. That night the laboratory ran tests on the samples, and they were positive for Influenza A.”


This quaint tale of a deadly duck seems plausible to most, although the local authorities were less convinced by Farrar's and Hien's supposed new discovery, but what should be thoroughly noted is that Jeremy Farrar was regularly found at ground zero of various emerging global epidemiological threat responses. Although still based in Vietnam, around 2009, Farrar was sent by Oxford to various locations around the globe to study other epidemics happening in real time including the subsequent global outbreaks of MERS [2012], Ebola [2014], and avian flu [2014]. In 2013, he would take up his directorship of the Wellcome Trust, a position he still retains. During the Ebola crisis, Farrar would also write papers such as, Infectious disease: Tough choices to reduce Ebola transmission, alongside both Neil Ferguson and Chris Whitty, the latter would head up the official UK public relations side of Covid-19 as Chief Medical Advisor to the UK Government.


In 2020, Farrar's incredible reach became exposed to the general public after the release of the Fauci Emails. One of the infamous Fauci emails, dated 25 February 2020, and sent by Amelie Rioux of the WHO, stated that Jeremy Farrar’s official role at that time was “to act as the board’s focal point on the COVID-19 outbreak, to represent and advise the board on the science of the outbreak and the financing of the response.” The Fauci emails also showed us the preparation, over a ten-day period, of the paper entitled “The Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2”, which was accepted for publication by Nature Medicine on March 17, 2020. The paper claimed that the SARS-CoV-2 virus came from natural origins as opposed to gain-of-function research.


Farrar's supreme authority over the organisation of the Covid-19 response was beginning to be exposed for the world to see, and soon people would begin questioning the scientific paper which he spearheaded as part of the major cover-up.

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