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Wellcome 5
dynamic investigation

Welcome to the Wellcome 5 Dynamic Investigation.

This investigation will be ongoing and more options to explore the information will be available soon. Fungi Monkey intends to make investigations and articles easier to read and more interactive. If you would like to read the article "wellcome 5: The Proximal Origin of Covid Control" then you can simply follow this link. But if a 15,000 word article is a little too much for you to consume all in one sitting then try this dynamic version of the article. It is the same information but broken up into smaller sections and profiles. Click on the images below to begin exploring the article in a way which suits you.

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Click on the White rabbit to to take a journey down a rabbit hole related to the individual profiled

(Every white rabbit is different and more appropriate links will be added as the investigation continues)

The wellcome Five: The Proximal Origin of Covid Control

As draconian Covid-19 control structures rise up around us, Johnny Vedmore investigates a very small group of close friends linked to a powerful philanthropic organisation, The Wellcome Trust, who are responsible for some of the most defining events of the Covid-19 era. In this article we will look into the “proximal origin” of the Wellcome Five: Jeremy Farrar, Richard Sykes, Roy Anderson, Edward Holmes, and Neil Ferguson, and their band of scientific mercenaries.

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GPK Family Sketch 3.jpg
Psycho SykeS 2

Richard Sykes

Atomic Roy 2

Roy Anderson

Feverish Farrar 2

Jeremy Farrar

Fake News Ferguson 2

Neil Ferguson

Lab Leak Eddie 2

Edward C Holmes

Secret Spratt

Brian Spratt


Andrew Rambaut

Twistin' Kristian

Kristian G Anderson

Monkey Business Beth

Beth Shapiro & Others

Follow the White Rabbit

The Rabbit Hole

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