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Proximal Origin of the Covid Controllers – The Wellcome Five's Royal Society HQ

The Wellcome Five are Sir Roy Anderson FRS, Sir Richard Sykes FRS, Sir Jeremy Farrar FRS, Edward C Holmes FRS, Neil Ferguson OBE FRSS, and they have been aided by others featured in this piece; Sir Brian Spratt FRS, Andrew Rambaut, Christl Donnelly CBE FRS, Sir Robert May FRS (Baron of Oxford), Sir John Krebs FRS, with a special guest appearance from Kristian G Andersen. These eleven scientists were central to the events outlined in this article which focuses on the evolution of the pandemic control response, specifically within the United Kingdom but with significant global reach, especially in the US. One thing you may notice from my list of members who make up the Wellcome Five and their friends is that most of them have three letters after their name. The FRS placed after someones name denotes that they are a “Fellow of the Royal Society”.


The Royal Society is a very elite and prestigious British scientific institution which has given membership to almost every one of these scientists (notably Ferguson is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and Rambaut took up a Royal Society university research fellowship position and became Chair of Molecular Evolution at the University of Edinburgh in 2010, being later elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in 2014). The Royal Society has thousands of members made up of the most famous figures of the scientific elite, including individuals like David Attenborough and Elon Musk, as well as historic members such as Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein.


Whilst researching this article, the Royal Society came up over and over again and, although not all the members of such an organisation are aware of the more nefarious activities happening within their group, it appears as though a small number of their ranks are provably involved in planning, creating and implementing large parts of the authoritarian control structures put in place during Covid-19. Two members of the Wellcome cartel, who will be central to future investigations, are the men responsible for recruiting and managing the Wellcome Trust-linked team which would create this medical dystopia: Sir John Krebs, son of famous Jewish German scientist Hans Adolf Krebs, and Sir Robert May, once the President of the Royal Society. Both are well respected scientists and Fellows of the Royal Society.


Sir Robert May is the more important of these two in relation to this investigation in particular, as the evidence shows that he has significant links to the recruitment of the men profiled in this article, including May being the reason Neil Ferguson says he chose his career path, as well as coauthoring two books alongside his friend Roy Anderson. The fact that every one of the people I’ve investigated have some link to the Royal Society should make us all ask questions about the powerful reach of such a historic institution which is consistently involved in obscure ways with public policy concerning science and technology. The Royal Society appears to be a major base of operations for groups which are driving the type of scientific research which fails to be able to muster the majority of public support, let alone any consent.


Without a doubt, we are living through a moment in history which will be studied for many decades to come. In a world awash with a mass of information, it is only a matter of time before a detailed picture of these events forms. For this investigation, I had originally focused on an event which has been emblematic of the entire official Covid-19 response, the Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2 paper. That notorious scientific paper, published in the prestigious Nature, saw the scientists involved enter into an absurd public spectacle which many onlookers see is one of the most defining moments of the Covid-19 era. It’s very similar to the dodgy dossier produced by the British government during the run up to the Iraq War, it is a significant historical moment in our shared human experience. The Establishment appear to have been caught off-guard, and were possibly expecting that their efforts at censorship and social coercion during Covid-19 could actually wipe out the majority of dissent, and that the constant drama would hold people’s attention for long enough for the commencement of some other distracting major event.


Whilst some of the Wellcome Five are behind many of the most important parts of the Anglo-American response to Covid-19, their manufacturing of the SARS-CoV-2 Proximal Origin paper was an attempt to cover-up the true origins of the pandemic from the entire global population. This small group of close friends and colleagues went to extraordinary lengths in an attempt to pull off the scientific heist of the millennium, by conspiring to steal the truth behind Covid-19 from the people of the world. But in the end, they have been utterly exposed and every person on this globe should be demanding that the core of this wealthy scientific elite be held criminally responsible for their unsuccessful cover-up of SARS-CoV-2, as well as a completely transparent full investigation and review of all the Wellcome Trust’s many scientific programs around the world.


I know that there is a lot of information here to digest, but if you’ve been paying close enough attention, then the pattern is clear. Computer modelling could be used to change the world, improve lives and to help us predict the outcome of complicated, data intensive events such as pandemics. But instead, we have computer modelling being used to deceive the majority of the population by creating a constant and intense fear of impending doom so as to control public opinion. It’s not the sophistication of any tool that will predict a given outcome, it will always be the competence and integrity of those who wield that said tool which will lead us to our eventual conclusion. In 2000, Roy Anderson, Neil Ferguson, and Christl Donnelly, changed facilities and turned their attention to an animal disease which had been absent in the UK for over three decades. Alongside the second FMD outbreak (which was accepted as coming from a lab leak) and their actions during the Covid crisis, it’s hard to give these viciously dangerous Establishment actors the benefit of the doubt and not automatically assume that the 2001 outbreak was either a purposely manufactured event, or simply another lab leak. What is very relevant, in relation to the links between the official response to FMD and that of Covid-19, is that as the possible practice run for the main event resulted in the unnecessary culling of millions of creatures. In time, we may see that the reckless global experimental vaccine drive has had exactly the same outcome.


This small group of elite scientists seem to have been instrumental in the origin stories of many of the modern viruses and, from what we now know about the veracity of the Proximal Origin of SARS-CoV-2 paper, it should make us question and re-examine all the other origin stories any of these people have seeded into the annals of history. These men are using some of the most dangerous biological agents known to man with blatant disregard, and no reverence, for the potential harm these infectious agents could do to all life on Earth. In 2014, the Guardian reported that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) revealed that more than 70 incidents at government, university and hospital labs were serious enough to investigate. Many led to enforcement letters, or crown prohibition notices (CPN), ordering labs to shut until improvements were made. Some were so serious they ended in legal action. The situation we are faced with is unnecessarily precarious and none of us should feel comfortable while this is considered the normal state of affairs. If we continue on this path, it is only a matter of time before something much worse than Covid-19 escapes from one of the many poorly managed government laboratories which are dotted all around the world.


With the Fourth Industrial Revolution at our doorstep, we have entered into an era of boundless possibilities, and every part of our social structure is experiencing fundamental changes which will be nigh-on-impossible to roll back once implemented. Yet, whilst having one foot in the future, we also have one foot firmly stuck in a muddy past. These archaic and shadowy institutions, such as the Wellcome Trust, the Rhode’s Trust, and in many ways, the Royal Society, have become fundamental in pushing forward the scientific communities necessary and unnecessary endeavours alike. But, behind the facade of a historic philanthropic organisation, the Wellcome Trust has become an unaccountable behemoth, capable of taking control of health policies and protocols in response to any real, or potentially manufactured, health crises. What should be even more concerning, is that these men have often appeared to be expecting and preparing for these events to happen beforehand and are hoisted quickly into key positions to act as the vanguard to responses which should only be the remit of elected officials rather than so-called “philanthropists”.


The main concern for all of us should be the glaring warning signs that the same old agenda of population control via mass extermination is rearing its ugly head again. Fundamentally, a few unelected men should not have this much sway over public health policies, they shouldn’t become more powerful than a prime minister or a president with zero public consent, and, if they want to be given this level of influence on public policy, then they should be 100% transparent and entirely accountable. We currently do not have any effective structure in place which is capable of safeguarding some of the most basic human rights and, do not be deceived, our system is built that way on purpose. When the Nuremberg Code was designed and put into writing, it should have also been adopted as a strict set of laws and regulations which could never be broken. Instead, after watching the pharmaceutical elite indulge in their mass human medical experimentation fetish, we again stand on the doorstep of genocide with very little protection from those who wish to slaughter us like cattle.

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